Richardson Wildflower Festival coming up soon. Volunteers needed!

We work a beverage booth at the festival – beer, wine and soft drinks. The club is guaranteed a minimum by the city and gets a percentage if minimums are exceeded. Most of the money goes to buy the books we give to elementary kids that do not have books at home. The festival starts about 5 PM on Friday May 20th and runs through Sunday about 6 PM. The shifts are three of four hours and are broken down on the city website that the link connects with below. There are something like 48 slots. It’s a city requirement that  all of the volunteers have to be TABC certified . The courses are online. Search TABC certificate and there are multiple companies that offer training. They cost about $10. The volunteers can take it whenever it is good for them.  The last date to sign up as a volunteer is April 21 and their TABC certificate has to be uploaded to the city website by that same date. All volunteers get two tickets to the festival and a parking pass for each day they volunteer. The link to sign up as a volunteer is:

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