Projects and Opportunities

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The Richardson Kiwanis Club has many different programs for volunteers. We also have administrative and committee openings.

The club started a local Angel’s program for kids with cognitive or physical difficulties. These kids have limited options for playing team sports so we teamed up with the Richardson YMCA to provide playing fields for the kids to play T-Ball in the Spring and Fall. In the Summer and Winter, the kids get chances to go bowling. The YMCA also allows the Angels to go swimming in the Summer and provides life guards. We provide volunteers at all of the events to guide the children through the activities and be cheerleaders!

We are active participants in the Texas Oklahoma District disaster relief program. We purchase materials, pack backpacks with personal care items, and deliver the backpacks to areas hit by natural disasters. We also distribute filled packs to the local Fire Department to be handed out to adults and children who have lost their homes or apartments due to fires or floods. As a volunteer, you may find yourself working alongside the Salvation Army in any part of Texas or Oklahoma. Some of our members worked the Moore, Oklahoma, tornadoes several years ago, and most recently, the tornadoes that hit Garland and Rowlett in early 2016. A club volunteer that works on the disaster relief team may be called upon to help put together materials for a major disaster relief effort.

Women’s Shelters and Homeless Shelters are one of our newest programs. Many people who find themselves in one of these shelters often have arrived with no personal belongings. Our club puts together comfort kits with personal care items and delivers them to the local “New Beginnings” Women’s shelter headquarters or the Mathew 25:40 Project in Garland. As a volunteer, you have an opportunity to get directly involved with the shelter programs and put together kits, promote community awareness, design fund-raisers or seek sponsorships, or be a driver and collect donated goods. We also support the local Network of Community Services in Richardson with similar materials and services.

The Richardson Kiwanis give back to their community by building wheelchair ramps for disabled citizens.  Some of these folks cannot get out of their house without family members physically lifting them and their wheelchairs down stairs or steps.  Because of limited income, many disabled folks cannot afford to have a ramp built!  This is where the Richardson Kiwanis make a difference by building ramps with a team of volunteers and we also provide the building materials.  It never gets old hearing how much fun each team member had while giving back to their community and how good it felt to make a positive difference to the life of a fellow citizen in our community.  Make a difference….join us on one of our ramp projects!

Other volunteer opportunities include (but not limited to):

Working at our concession booth during the Wildflower Festival. We make a lot of money at this booth and devote the funds to books for kids in elementary schools.

We need a PR/Marketing or Graphics Artist to help promote our activities in the community. Involves posting in Facebook, website, and / or Twitter. Would involve communications with the active committees to create stories or posts.

We need division liaisons to visit our local division counsel meetings on the first Saturday of each month and then report back to the club about upcoming division activities. We are part of Division 2 in the Texas Oklahoma District and there are 15 clubs in our division within the Dallas area. This gives new members an opportunity to meet some of the hundreds of local Kiwanians involved in Division 2 programs.

Be a guest speaker for other organizations and let them know what Kiwanis clubs do in their community. It is a great way to promote the club and get new members!  We have several members of the club who are active speakers in the community. It is fun and a great way to meet people!

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